The Comparison Of Parliamentary Political System In Sweden And Semi Presidential Political System In France And The Results For Turkey.

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INTRODUCTIONDemocracy is spreading all around the world in different forms. Countries shape democracy according to their own needs and political structures. So, democracy as a political system is represented in different ways in the world. Two of the more common appearing style of democracy in the political structures of the countries' is presidential and parliamentary political systems. Parliamentary and presidential political systems also have different kind of qualities. Which one is better for the better working of political structure and as a result creating stability in the country? This question is important because in their natures both systems have different structures. Some countries adapt to the presidential system and some countries adapt to the parliamentary system in the world (Shugart and Carey, 1994). Some countries unite these two and create semi-presidential and semi-parliamentary systems (Shugart and Carey, 1994). Whether depending on these political systems or not, they have different levels of stability in politics. According to Linz, it has been argued that the terms presidentialism and parliamenatrism both cover a wide range of political institutional formulas, and the variety among these formulas is such that it is misleading to generalize about either term (Linz and Valenzuela, 1994). I have chosen France and Sweden cases for research. France is governed by the semi-presidential system and Sweden is governed by the parliamentary system. They represent the one of the most powerful examples of semi-presidential and parliamentary political systems. These countries are both from Europe and their societies almost have the same culture. Both of them have similar backgrounds; however, they differ in terms of their political systems. So, it is good to compare and contrast these two countries for taking out lessons for Turkey because in Turkey there is the pure parliamentary system, like in Sweden, now and there are some discussions about passing through presidential system, like in France, for better stability in politics. By this comparison, it will be good for me to see the importance of presidential versus parliamentary political systems and how the transformation from one to the other affects the country. Finally, I will be able to evaluate my hypothesis which are presidential political system is better than parliamentary system for better working of political structure and as a result creating stability in the country and Turkey should adopt to the presidential system.MAIN PARTIn this part, the political systems in the case countries of France and Sweden are told. Firstly, in France, the concept of a semi-presidential form of government is defined only by the content of the constitution (Hancock, Conradt, Peters, Safran, Zariski, 1998). A political regime is considered as semi-presidential if the constitution which established it combines three elements, 1) the president of the republic is elected by universal suffrage, 2)...

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