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The Contributing Factors To Being A Good Leader When Involved In Racket Team And Individual Activities

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The Contributing Factors to Being a Good Leader When Involved in Racket Team and Individual Activities

In this essay I will look at what makes a good leader? Different
styles of leadership and how you will have to change your leadership
styles to suit different activities.

There are a lot of things that you need to become a good leader. For
example you have to be:

* A good communicator

* Respected

* Empathetic

* Knowledgeable

* A role model

* A high level performer

* Confident.

Although all of these characteristics are important I think that the
most important is respect. I say this because if you have no respect
as a leader then people aren't going to listen to you and do what you
ask. But if they respect you they will do what you ask.

Some people say that you are only a good leader if you have one
something. I don't agree with this statement because all you have to
do is look at the Premiership to see that teams like Everton and
Bolton are challenging for a Champions League position. Everton and
Bolton would have been happy with a mid-table finish. The managers
haven't won anything with these clubs but they have been very

There are three main styles of leadership. These are:

* Autocratic

* Democratic

* Lassez-faire.

The first of these is the autocratic style of leadership. An
autocratic approach is where the leader is in control and the students
don't have any input into how things are run. Autocratic leadership
has it ups and downs. It is good when you have young, difficult or a
lot of students; you only have a short lesson or if the students wont
respond to any other leadership styles. The autocratic approach is not
so good if the students start to become tense scared about your style.
It should also not be used if the morale of you class is low, because
that is the last thing that they wont if they are already feeling

The second style is the democratic approach. The democratic style of
leadership is when the leader involves the students into the decision
making and how the lesson is run. The good points of the democratic
style are that it keeps the students involved. If the leader wants to
see how the students like things to be done or if the leader wants to
see how good the students are at leading. The democratic approach is
not good if there is a lot of people in the class or if there is only
a short time for the lesson to take place. This is because if the
lesson is short then you want to get the lesson going. If you ask for
the students input then you wont get started for a while.


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