The Contribution Of Juliet's Relationship With Her Parents And Friar Lawrence's Single Mindedness To The Tragic End Of The Play

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The Contribution of Juliet's Relationship with Her Parents and Friar Lawrence's Single Mindedness to the Tragic End of the Play

Juliet was a young lady who lived with her parents. Also living with
her, in her home was a nurse and servants. Juliet's relationship was
very different with each individual that she lived with.

The relationship that Juliet had with her father was different to the
relationship that she had with her mothers. This could be seen clearly
throughout the play. Lady Capulet was Juliet's mother and they did not
have a very close relationship, this can be seen through a number of
events that occurred during the play. One particular event that shows
that they did not have a close relationship was when Lady Capulet
didn't know that it was Juliet's birthday, and how old she was.

'She's not fourteen.'

Lady Capulet being Juliet's mother should know when she gave birth to
her own child, but to forget or not know when your own Childs birthday
is shows that there is no real bond between them and even if they did
have a bond, what kind of mother would forget their own daughters
birthday? I think that Lady Capulet didn't really show any love and
care for Juliet. Where as the Nurse on the other hand knew when it was
her birthday.

'Faith, I can tell her age unto an hour.'

When Juliet was first born it was the nurse that breast-feed her, not
her mother. This shows that either she couldn't breast-feed or she
didn't want to, and if this was the case then it shows that she did
not care for Juliet, as she could not even provide her own child with
the milk and nutrition that she needed. Where as once again it was
once the Nurse that helped Juliet. The nurse had just recently lost
her own child and therefore it was her that breastfeed Juliet as she
had milk in her breasts.

As well as being the one that knew when Juliet's birthday was and
breastfeeding her, the Nurse also showed more care for Juliet as she
was always there for her. The Nurse acted like a mother figure to
Juliet. The Nurse gave Juliet guidance and advise and was involved
with what was happening to her. The nurse was aware of things that
wore going on in Juliet's life unlike her mother. Juliet and her
mother were distant and uninvolved. And this is shown as she confined
in the Nurse rather than her mother.


Lady Capulet may love Juliet but may have a weird way of showing it,
but if this were the case then she would have understood Juliet's
felling and what she wanted but she didn't. This may have been because
Juliet did not tell her about Romeo but this just shows that she did
not trust her own mother, as she could not tell her about the one
thing that mattered to her, her one love.

It was obvious how lady Capulet felt bout Juliet marring Paris, but
she didn't consider Juliet's feelings...

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