The Control Large Players Have On Mass Media

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Mass media, with its functions to inform, to educate and to entertain, is one of the most important issues in the United States because of the way it has been manipulated to cater the demands of various groups, such as partisan bias, sensationalist journalists as well as the government. Such is the problem for the modern and enlightened public; since people now have access to various areas to get news reports, the media apparently lacks the way to properly distribute truthful and factual information about events happening locally and internationally and those that are included in the sphere of public interest. Control and manipulation as well as the inability to access information about the matter, lay as the major obstacles that disable the enlightened public to fully achieve the truth behind everything that matters as news and thus the truth becomes veiled in various forms of agenda – whether private or public interest.
It is crucial to take note that the enlightened media has access to various variables that can enable them to get more information aside from relying on traditional media. The Internet, for instance, made it possible for people to gather information about a certain event but due to media blocking, sequestering, narrowcasting and media consolidation, these information cannot be tested or validated as the media is being controlled by various major players interested or included in such situation. This renders the information, whether true, invalid. Jorg Matthes (2010) asserts that “political issues are often ambiguous and subject to different interpretations or perspectives” (5) because of framing, usually suggested by political elites in order to hide information they do not want the public to know. These frames tend to act as a barrier or a filter to only report information that are usually useless in revealing the truth about the situation, and framing disables the public to know the truth or the other side of interpreting the event. One example of this is the recent disaster that happened to Flight MH370, which took long time for the people to know the truth about what happened to the flight and its passengers. Although it was disclosed that it crashed into the sea with no survivors left (Branigan 2014), people were misinformed through the three-week course of finding the lost airplane. This is an example of framed news reports since after various analyses, opinions that were published, and even conspiracy theories, the Malaysian government concluded that it has crashed into the sea without revealing any solid evidence – such as the black box – making a lot of information about it hidden from the public.
Another important issue that concerns the revelation of truth to the public is that media is being controlled by powerful groups. “Powerful groups, especially governments and large corporations, shape the news in range of ways… Advertising is another powerful influence on commercial media” (Bhargava 248) shows that...

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