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The Control Of The Television Essay

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Kathy Banks Professor Kalloniatis ENGL 1101, Section BBB 12 October 2002 The Control of Television What is the first thing we normally do when we walk in the door? Set our keys down, kick off our shoes, and turn on the television. It seems that today?s society has become more and more dependant upon the magical little box that sits in our living rooms, as well as many other rooms in the house. It is startling to realize how much of our lives begin to center on television. Now with the convience of TV dinners, families no longer sit at the table to eat. Instead, they sit in front of the television anxiously awaiting their favorite programs to come on. Friends put off other friends, saying they have to be home in time to watch a certain show at a certain time. This happened to me just the other day, when I rode with a girl in my dorm to our kickboxing class. As we were walking out to her car after class, she looked down at her watch and suddenly said that we had to hurry. She did not want to miss the beginning of Survivor. I, on the other hand, was starving, and was hoping to get something to eat on the way home, but I soon learned that this was going to be impossible. We did not have enough time, and my hunger would have to be sacrificed in order for her to able to get home in time to watch her show. Bill McKibben?s article entitled ?Television and the Twilight of the Senses? discusses the idea that television may have too much of a strong hold in our lives. Through various examples, he is able to demonstrate that we might want to take a long hard look at how much television is ruling our lives.To some, however, television serves as a life- line to the rest of the world. Through TV, people are able to get the information they need to plan their day, change their stocks, and connect to the happenings in other parts of the country. Another positive example of TV usage, is the fact that it does bring people together, and allow families to spend time with one another. It also offers a form of entertainment that is enjoyable, as well as, relaxing. Many men and women have spent many Sunday afternoons lounging out, eating pretzels, and watching football. TV provides an outlet for us to just sit and not have to use our brains; however, television has become too much of a focal point in people?s lives because they lose their perspective on the world, it delays their lives, and distorts their senses.I can recall one evening while I watching TV a commercial that came on for Sears. After the wife in the commercial told her husband that the new television he brought home was not big enough, they started a search for a bigger one. They kept going bigger and bigger until they finally found a television that would take up all the extra space in their entertainment center. After reading McKibben?s article I looked back on this commercial and thought that no matter what this couple did they would never be able to completely see the entire picture. McKibben says,...

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