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The Controversial 2000 Presidential Election In The Us

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Easily one of the most controversial elections in American history, the 2000 election has exposed vulnerability in the voting process. The election was back and forth, and some states were in debate over which candidate gets the electoral votes. The major state in this case is Florida to decide the election. Many issues arose in the Florida system, such as the unconstitutional ballot recount, the Supreme Courts stands on the situation, and the back and forth battle over the deadline for the ballot recount.
The race in Florida was within a thousand votes for most of the race. This may have exposed an issue that was occurring not only in the state of Florida, but possibly throughout the ...view middle of the document...

The Florida Supreme Court seemed to be siding with Governor Bush through the entire process.
A couple days after the election, the preliminary nationwide popular vote belonged to Vice President Gore, and appeared that he may have won Florida. The numbers looked like this on November 9, 2000: “Gore 48,976,148 votes and Bush 48,783,510 votes” (Leip 2008). The preliminary vote, along with the electoral votes, did not mean anything if the candidate of either party does not win the state of Florida. As the days went on, the countries with the ballot miscount were in the process of recounting the votes. Secretary Harris was given a deadline date, but the Court made it known that she had the ability to amend any deadline dates.
At risk of delaying the election further, Secretary Harris decided to give Florida to Bush, even though the race was tighten up. This ultimately led to Vice President Gore’s attempt to sue the Secretary because the he believed the recount should have been given more time. The votes in Florida were still within a thousand with the last country, Miami-Dada. Vice President Gore “alleging that the certified results were illegitimate because the recount process was not yet complete”.2 With the deal process continuing, the Presidential race was about to come down to the Supreme Court votes.
With the 2000 election seemingly in the hands of the state of Florida, the Florida Supreme Court dealt with the issue of how the ballots should be counted. The four countries dealing with the recount were Broward, Miami-Dade, Volusia, and Palm Beach. As stated previously, the Supreme Court believed recounting these votes would make it...

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