The Controversial Issue Of Abortion And Christianity

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The Controversial Issue of Abortion

Abortion is a very controversial issue in society today. Some people
think that abortion is a good idea to solve problems and that it is
justified yet the Catholic Church would argue this is not the case and
that abortion is wrong.

There are some very strong arguments both for and against abortion.

There are two methods of abortion:

1) The Suction Method: This is used for early abortions up to 12 weeks
after conception. This is where a sectional like object is inserted
and tears the baby limb by limb. The head is too big to fit into the
'vacum cleaner' so therefore it is crushed. The doctors refer to the
limbs as numbers to avoid the agonising horror. I witnessed the
ultra-sound video of an innocent baby being aborted in this way, as
the baby wriggled and squirmed to avoid the deadly object it could be
seen to open its mouth in an attempt to scream. Even though this
baby's scream was silent it was undoubtedly deafening.

2) The Saline Method: This is normally used for later abortions. Here,
some amniotic fluid is removed and a strong saline solution is
injected into the womb. The foetus is burned and choked to death, then
labour is induced and the woman gives birth to a dead baby.

"You shall not kill"[1]

This is one of the Ten Commandments that are taught by the Catholic
Church. If these commandments are breached then a severe sin has been
committed. Having an abortion is the same as murdering a child.
Therefore it is a breech of the commandment. The woman must understand
that her actions are irreversible and as a result she may not be able
to carry another baby. Some people would argue that the foetus is not
a proper human being yet- just a ball of cells and that the abortion
is not murder. The argument against this is that it is a person at an
early stage of development and needs protection. At one stage we were
all just a ball of cells and if left alone, the fertilized egg will
become a person fully developed.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you. Before you were born, I
set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to all nations."[2]

This shows that god views the mother and foetus as individuals from
the moment of conception and so the mother is harming another
individual as well as herself through abortion. This contradicts the
argument that the foetus is part of the women's body and it is her
right to choose. I think this is selfish. Our right to choose is
limited by the rights of other people Science has shown that the
foetus is a separate human being with its own organs.

If a child was conceived through rape a sizeable majority would
maintain that abortion is the most humane...

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