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The Controversial Issue Of Death Penalty

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THE DEATH PENALTY"THE DEATH SENTENCE IS THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL ISSUE ACROSS OUR WORLD"the death penalty is a very common controversial socialissue across our world.every time a death penalty case arises, and time comesfor the convict, thousands of people across the countries support the punishment as well as protest the punishment."this issue does not have any proponents of particular group. people are very split on this subject, regardless of race, backgrounds, age, gender, and other variables that distinguish individuals". ( Alabama supreme court set a may 1st , 2002 execution date for a Florida woman convicted in 1993 shooting an Opelika police officer, her name was Lynda block.barring a stay, Lynda was the first woman excuted in Alabama 1975.the first of may 2002, Christopher Simmons died after a death sentence for killing with a 15-years old accomplice, Mrs. crook, in the morning of Sept. 9, 1993, he killed the girl just because Shirley Crook recognized Simmons after commited an act of burglary in her house.( .the death penalty bring us back in time , because in the earliest historical records contain evidence of capital was mentioned in the code of Hammuurabi (1750 Bc).the bible prescribed death as the penalty for more than 30 different crimes, ranging for murder to England, during the reign of king Canute and William the conqueror, the death penalty was not used, althoug the result of interrogation and toture were often fatal .by the end of the 15th century, english law recognized seven major crime; treason, murder, larceny, burglary, rape, and 1800 more that 200 capital crimes were commited, and as a result, 1000 or more persons were sentenced to death each year. (Encarta,cd rom).the death penalty has been inflicted in many ways now regarded as barbaric and forbidden by law almost everywhere: crucifixion, boiling in oil, drawing and quarterig, impalament, beheading, burning alive, crushing, tering asunder, stoning and drowning are the u.s. the death penalty is currently authorized in one of five ways: hanging (traditional method of execution throughout the english speaking world),electrocution (introduced by the New York state in 1890), the gas chamber (adopted in Nevada in 1923), firing squad (used only in Utah), or lethal injection (introduced in 1977 by Oklahoma).in the most nations that still retain the death penalty for some crimes, hanging or the firing squad are the preferred methods of some countries that adhere strictly to the traditional practices of Islam, beheading or stoning are still occasionally employed as punishment. (Encarta cd rom)LIST OF EXECUTIONS BY STATE (1976-1995)TEXAS 106FLORIDA 35VIRGINIA 32LOUISIANA 23GEORGIA 20MISSOURI 19ALABAMA 13DELAWARE 8N. CAROLINA 8ILLINOIS 7OKLAHOMA 7NAVADA 6S. CAROLINA 5UTAH 5MISSISSIPI 4ARIZONA 4INDIANA 3CALIFORNIA 3WASHINGTON 2PENNYLVANIA 2IDAHO 1MARYLAND 1NEBRAKA 1WYOMING...

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