The Controversial Topic Of Political Correctness

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To begin with, I must say that political correctness, in general is a very controversial topic. Everyone has its own opinion, whether the topic influences them directly or not. People are sometimes very eager to talk about something even though they don’t know all the facts about that certain situation they are referring to. I appreciate everyone’s opinion but I don’t accept it if that someone isn’t willing to hear the person directly involved. That’s why topics of political correctness often lead to verbal fights or even physical fights that we testified not long ago. While people fight for their rights and beliefs, some others remain in silent enjoying the fights among people and thinking about the benefit of that situation. One doesn’t have to be very smart to conclude that politicians are the ones who benefit from it. Everything said leads to my topic and that is the situation about Cyrillic alphabet and Serbian language in Vukovar. Firstly, I have to say a few facts that will through new light on the situation. One would say that it is not necessary to talk about history and that we have to keep it behind us. I most certainly think we don’t. Everyone knows or at least should know what happened, some would say, “long” time ago. But, they don’t know or they don’t want to know that history repeats itself. If we listened to the line “This is Serbia” and many more, much worse, do we have to listen to it again?! I believe we don’t. Still, we listen to such things on regular basis. Every Serbian Christmas, every sport event.... And not from just a few people as politicians are trying to make everyone believe. This is when the politicians are willing to say something, since generally they like to maintain silent when they have to comment on such things. Also, our politicians aren’t interested in informing the public that Serbians are the ones who didn’t and still don’t want to integrate their kids into our kindergartens and schools. Even less than that, they want to talk about history Serbian children are learning in their schools. They have their own program and their own history....

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