The Controversy Of Media Imperialism Essay

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The Controversy of Media Imperialism

The controversy of media imperialism questions us as to whether a
certain medium (in this case, the newspaper – tabloid, broadsheet,
hybrid) is controlled by the publication owner or the
managers/editors-in-chief/journalists. They both deliver news and make
it possible to be accessed by the reading-public. Proprietors own
publication companies and administer the content of the media through
a set agenda. Media practitioners are the workers within the business.
They operate inside a framework of constructed agreement. Others may
believe that the control of media is possessed by the owners, whilst
others think that it is the journalists/managers who decide what is to
be put in the medium. This issue will be scrutinised by looking at the
dissimilar models and related concepts; providing exemplified
statements; and finding out if there’s a significant connection
between them.

“The class which has the means of material production has control at
the same time of the means of mental production…they regulate the
production of the ideas of their age: thus their ideas are the ruling
ideas of the epoch.”

Marx, The German Ideology, p. 39

The capitalist class and government maintain their status quo by
manipulating the media content/institution of broadcasting/press and
control the public in a conscious manner. These proprietors belong to
the more influential part of the society. This is suggested by The
Marxist’s Manipulative Model (MM). Proprietors intentionally conspire
to put forward their own interests and welfare. They tend to
monopolise what is to be included in the medium for their own interest
and benefit.

The Hegemonic Model (HM) of news production proposes that media
practitioners gather immediate information from reliable resources
within the area where they function the most. HM maintains the norms,
values and preserves the society’s ideology via the mass media.

While the HM takes into account newsworthiness, the MM filters the
journalist’s articles to ensure that it strictly corresponds within
the editorial policy. This suggests that the newspaper industry is a
process itself – the article being made by a journalist should pass to
the expected content to avoid the hazard of reputation damage.

However, bias is consciously introduced by proletariats since their
main focus in on the public interest while media practitioners
unconsciously do this.

We should also take in consideration that proprietors/owners carefully
choose journalists, etc. who have the same view as the company. This
suggests that self-censorship is present and that the owners are
superior to them. Media practitioners have to comply with the
company’s regulations otherwise, the owner would fire them and hire
another practitioner who can follow the...

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