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The Controversy Over Home Schooling Essay

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The Controversy Over Home Schooling

In today’s society, the controversy over home schooling is a pertinent issue. Home schooling is known as the instruction of a pupil in an educational program outside of an established school, usually under the tutoring of the parent or guardian. Several debates exist over this current topic. Some have reasonable arguments in favor of home schooling, while many disagree with its process and the motives behind it. Both arguments have valid points that must be explored.

Millions of people across the country believe that teaching children at home deprives them of the average childhood experience. They argue that these children are ostracized because they are left out of many activities that can only be experienced in a traditional school. For example, field trips are common among elementary school students. Home schooled children are not given the opportunity to attend these important educational trips because they are kept at home and taught by their parents. Another instance is extracurricular activities. Many students of public and private institutes are involved in sports, clubs, and other activities which enhance their social skills and interactions with other students. Students that learn at home have no team to play on and no club to participate in. Taking a student out of the school setting draws them away from social experiences and possibly cripples them by unnaturally removing them from their peers.

Furthermore, not only is the child affected, but the parent (instructor) is as well. Teaching their child or children every day permits little time for themselves and other household duties. Also, it places a tremendous amount of pressure on them because they must distinguish how to differentiate between being a parent and acting as a teacher. They must be fully devoted to their duties as a teacher, as well as their...

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