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In my StoryCorps-esque project I interviewed my mom. The conversation took place in our family's living room where it was just with my mother and I in a very quite, peaceful setting. We spoke what felt like 5 minutes to be almost 3 hours. The conversation was meaningful and deep, I never knew my mother felt the way she did on certain aspects of life because as the person I know her to be she seemed simple to me but this conversation says otherwise.
In the beginning of the interview I wanted to start of with the basics such as how was her childhood and how were her parents like, it is also something that I asked before because I am curious as to how her parents were like because I don't ...view middle of the document...

Her father wasn't exactly jumping with joy of her moving out of the country, he wanted to pass the torch of his successful business to her but she didn't want too. She didn't want to also be dependent on anyone but herself. She thought she could learn that when she moved to America. When she came here she lived with her father's friend and he helped her get around things in this country for her. She appreciates her father's friend deeply. She felt though even as she started to get everything right something was still missing. She says that anyone who moves away from there country can tell you that you feel like your missing something, it doesn't feel completely right but you deal with it and move on. For her the detachment of family was extremely difficult, she had a hard time to adjust without her family with her. As she was settling here she was working at what she says are low jobs. Gas station, Dunkin Donuts, etc she didn't feel though this was the reason why she struggled to come to America so she decided she was going to quit her job and start to go to school. Her apartment buildings maintenance worker was telling her that the leasing office is looking for someone to answer phone calls, she told the worker that she was going to focus on school first. The worker asked what would she be studying but she had no clue. The worker told her that he has a daughter around her age and that he can bring by some old books of hers and help her sign up for college. She was offered a couple of classes but she chose dental assistance because it didn't require a lot of math which isn't her best subject. I asked her how she felt about the Ortho flied, if she felt like she made the right choice. She said she loves her job, it's a fun flied but you can't grow and go higher "your stuck."
As we continue on the conversation I decided to ask questions reflecting her life so far.
I asked "Are you happy with your life?"
"Even though I may not show it I am very happy with my life. I don't dress nice or go out often but I am geuinally a very happy person. I am blessed with four healthy kids, my family and I don't struggle for anything like some of the patience who come in at my job. I have a job that I love. I might not live a lavish lifestyle but I am comfortable....

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