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The Coolidge Effect Essay

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This is a phenomenon described by scientists as the automatic response to novel mates. It earned its name many years ago when President Coolidge and his wife were out and about touring a farm, and they came across a farmer who proudly showed Mrs. Coolidge a rooster that he said could copulate with hens all day long, day after day without tiring. This effect was proven by putting a male rat in a cage with a receptive female rat. Initially, there was a frenzy of copulation. Then, progressively the male would tire of that particular female, even without her receptivity changing. The male rat would eventually ignore the female rat. When the female was replaced with a new one, the male rat ...view middle of the document...

Monogamy is a risky business due to the biology of the Coolidge effect. We still experience urges to fool around.
Another trigger is a drop in dopamine following orgasm. Instead of that wonderful feeling of aliveness and thrilling anticipation you felt when your dopamine was high, you feel flat, or even needy, depressed or depleted. The orgasms themselves initiate this drop in dopamine. When your dopamine level is low, you are especially susceptible to anything at all that will raise your dopamine again, such as video games, alcohol, gambling, a lot of shopping, cocaine, porn on the internet, or sex. A brand new partner briefly raises the dopamine levels more than sex with an old accustomed partner, however loving. Despite this passing hype, you don't actually increase your overall wellbeing. You'd be better off in a close, committed relationship. This is because the Coolidge Effect reflex is strictly a temporary fix that will likely leave you feeling even more depleted and tired. Your new partner will not satisfy you any more than your previous one. The Coolidge effect is a circle that does not better our wellbeing but only increases the chances of our genes’...

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