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The Core of Team DynamicsDynamics are the fundamental elements of team interaction. Dynamics are defined as "An interactive system or process, especially one involving competing or conflicting forces" (, 2004). A team is a group of people who are working together to complete a task. According to Team (2001), team dynamics are "the often-unseen 'natural forces' that strongly influence how a team reacts, behaves or performs" (pg. 1). Team dynamics are the driving forces in the makeup of a team. Teams collaborate and build relationships with others to get the job done and deliver high performance results.The makeup of a team is important in determining how the team will perform. Each team member will contribute skills to enhance the team's overall performance. Individual work habits and leadership styles, will determine if the team has the ability to join together and complete their common goals. Teams create environments that bring out the best in each team member. A commitment to effectively communicating information and ideas is a characteristic of an effective team.There are important factors that will make an effective team. Teamwork, trust, empowerment, participation, communication, and feedback are key elements to maintaining successful team performance. Just as these factors can create continuity on a team, they can also inhibit a teams' performance. Creating positive team dynamics is a challenging task but yields high-performing teams.Dynamics that drive an effective teamCommunicationCommunication is generally thought of as the exchange of thoughts, messages or information (, 2004). It can occur through written documents, verbally or exhibited by one's behavior (Merriam-Webster online, 2004). Communication is usually multidirectional, occurring between team members, team leaders and management simultaneously. This is a key dynamic in any organization. It is necessary to make team members and employees of the company feel connected to each other, leadership and management. When members feel connected they are more likely to proactively participate in the team function. At the most basic level, information must be shared in order for there to be communication, and goals cannot be accomplished without information. As stated by Yost and Thacker (2002) "Decisions cannot be made without exchanging information. Exchange fosters open communication" (p. 91).However, communication by itself does not necessarily mean the team will be effective. The communication taking place must be interpreted by the members as having value in order to have a positive effect (Thacker & Yost, 2003, p. 91). Communication that is generally believed to have value can include a few simple items such as management and teams or team leaders informing each other of the company goals and project status. Team leaders and team members can recognize the efforts and achievements of the team and its individuals, discuss areas for...

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