The Core Six: Essential Strategies For Achieving Excellence

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The first book I read as part of my Capstone experience is The Core Six: Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence written by Harvey F. Silver, R. Thomas Dewing, and Matthew J. Perini. In this book, the authors discuss 6 key strategies for teachers and educational leaders can use to better help students with the “demands of the Common Core.” (Silver, 2012) These strategies are designed to help students with the standards in English, Social Studies, Science, and any other technical subject in any educational level. The Core Six Strategies are: Reading for Meaning, Compare & Contrast, Inductive Learning, Circle of Knowledge, Write to Learn, and Vocabulary’s CODE. The authors of this book go into great detail of explaining these strategies and giving exceptional example lessons on what a teacher can do in their own classroom. This book is a required read for all administrators in my district and they are required to do read studies in their staff development activities.
This book was an easy read for anybody in the educational field, because of its explanations of the strategies and how teachers can use these strategies in their classroom with minimal effort. Most of the strategies allow the teacher to be an observer to student learning, allowing the students the opportunity to lead their own group discoveries and discussions, which is paramount to high level education. Most of the examples given in the book are strategies that most teacher do on a daily basis, but it shows the readers how that strategy better unlocks the state standards for the students. The book also uses examples in all subject areas in education, so teachers of Math and English can relate the strategies to their own class. The book also pushes the concept of teachers working together in each level, to have teachers share strategies that have worked in their own classrooms and having each other critique the lessons being used. The biggest underlining theme of the book is the use of teacher study groups to take lessons and retool them to expand student involvement in the lessons, which is one of the main themes of the Common Core State Standards.
I have been assigned to read many books over the summer for my overall growth as a teacher from different principals I have worked for and those books have been tough to...

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