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The Corn Can Essay

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The sun is beaming down on I and coppers face as we take our daily walk, on the ocean shore in Florida. The sun is a bright yellow surrounded with a blue sky, filled with clouds. The sand is stretched alongside I and cooper; white and clear. Only my foot prints and coopers paw prints left behind. The sand is very soft. My feet and coopers paws sink into it with every step. The salty ocean air burns our noses. The waves sparkle and glitter from the sun beaming down on it. The ocean is a dark blue color with white caps as far as we can see. The waves our small. “Go get it Copper!” I yell throwing the stick into the the ocean. Cooper is a Labrador,he's been part of the family for 7 years now. ...view middle of the document...

I quickly grab the can opener out of the drawer, and start opening it. Cooper is patiently waiting beside me. My eyes let up, as I find whats in the can. This can't be possible, I pinch my self to make sure I'm not dreaming. If what Cooper found is real we'll be rich. I examine whats in the can, it seems to be some 9th- century gold coins .Cooper senses my excitement and barks. “Cooper we can use this money for Jake!” I yell as tears of happiness run down my face. Jake is my 5 year old son, he suffers from cancer. As do I. It runs though our gens. Jake suffers from cancer ever since he was born. I suffer from cancer ever since I was born too. But unlike Jake my comes and goes. When it went I had a few years to enjoy life, but Jake has never been cancer free. “The money could pay for the treatment!” I tell Cooper. There's enough money in the can to pay for my treatment to. “Come on Cooper, we're going to find out how much the gold coins our worth.” I say as I clip Coopers leash on. We arrived at a local coin store. “Stay here.” I tell Cooper as I tie him up to an post. I walk into the store with the widest smile on my face. “What brings you here today James.” Says the store owner, Henry. I tell him the story of how Cooper found a can filled with Gold coins. “Well can I take a look at them?” Asks Henry. “Yes most certainly.” I tell him. I’m very eager to find out how much they're worth. “Well, is it real gold?” I say. “I'm very sorry James but it isn’t.” I slam my fists on the counter top in angry. I ran out and untie Cooper, he senses my unhappiness and decides it's best not to bug. Slamming the door as we walk in, I ran to my bedroom and stuff my face into my pillow. Cooper comes up and lays on his bed next to mine. “I really thought we had something Cooper.” The sunlight peeking though the window blinds wakes me up. I go down into the kitchen and begin to make a coffee. I hear the mailbox lid slam shout and as usual Cooper runs out to get the paper. As I sit at the table drinking my coffee, Cooper drops the paper in front of me. “Thanks Cooper.” I say, as I’m giving him a treat. I usual don't read the paper tell later on, but the front page head line catches my eye. It reads “Man finds $15 million in gold coins while walking on the beach shore of Florida.” My coffee mug shutters on the floor, leaving glass and coffee every where. I grab my coat and slip on my boots, not even bothering to bring Cooper, I step out of the house in frustration and stop. I want to kill him, Henry. So what's stopping me I ask my self. If I do, kill him. I myself will be up against murder. I have no prove there my coins,sure Henry knows I and Cooper found them. But he can lie. I walk back into the house finding Cooper licking the coffee from the floor. “Get out of that Cooper.” I say. I sit at the table, hours pass by as I’m trying to figure out how to get my money back. I usually visit my son Jake every day at the local hospital, telling him the story of how...

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