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The Corner By David Simon Analytical Essay Vanier College/ English Class Essay

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Posmac 1
Alex-Daniel Posmac
Professor Stacey DeWolfe
English 603
15 October 2017
Topic #2
America's society has been badly shaken up by the deindustrialization era. This economic loss devalued considerably the physical labor, causing millions of people to lose their jobs along with their purpose as a part of their society. Desperately seeking for their meaning in life, those people turn to "The Corner". The drug market was one of the few replacement economies that America had to offer in its postindustrial age if you couldn't get a college degree, and become a white collar professional. Unfortunately, with so many desperate and hungry people needing a job, not everyone got to choose which replacement economy they would end up in. Out of all this disaster, a whole new world has emerged, driven by drugs, and living by its own rules. It has become a very major issue that remained unresolved due to multiple factors. In the excerpt of "The Corner", its authors, Ed Burns and David Simon, try to unravel the war on drugs, and find the real solutions to the drug problem by opening people's eyes to the truth. The way Burns and Simon portray their idea can be interpreted using some of Nietzsche's concepts, such us unhistoricality, and historicality.
First, the concept of unhistoricality can be seen as one of the factors that cause the drug problem in some rust-belt cities of America. In fact, this concept is related to the people of the corner. To start off, their unhistoricality prevents them from identifying their problem, and becoming conscious of the magnitude of the issue caused by drugs. Left with nothing but a meaningless hope, people decide to turn to the drug market that provides them a more or less sufficient income, and a way to escape from reality. Those desperate people choose to become unhistorical by taking drugs, which gives them a feeling of liberation and relief. All they ever want is to escape from their underlying worries and problems: to dull the pain, to forget, to stop caring. Once they become clean and sober, those problems are still there. Little do they know is that their issue remains unsolved, and they become even more miserable. All their care about is their daily blast, not minding their past or even future. They live only in the present moment . As a good example from the excerpt, the authors talk about a drug addict named...

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