The Coronation Coach: Catherine The Great's Symbol Of Power

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The coronation coach (which took its name because it was first used by Catherine the great in 1962 at her coronation) has a great deal of detail in it. The first thing you notice about the coach is its immensity. It is quite a big mode of transportation; the luxury car of the past. When you look at it, you eyes are bewildered by the colors that are used. The makers of the coach surely decided not to be subtle by feverishly bringing out the golden and red colors very well. What is also amusing is the size of the wheels; which are ...view middle of the document...

As you can see, there is not one trace of gold in that mix. We were not allowed to touch the coach for obvious reasons, but its finish looked very smooth. Overall, it was a very detailed work of art that delighted the eyes with its splendor.What I believe to be a great work of art is one that tantalizes the eyes and leaves you bewildered for a moment, perhaps saying "wow" in your head or calling your friend to come see it quick, because you want to share the beauty with someone else. When I saw the coronation coach at the exhibit, that is exactly what went through my head. It is such a beautiful piece of history. Its magnificent gold and red colors, its painted doors and its detailed sculptures are just a feast for the eyes. I am glad it left Russia for awhile, just to bewilder people here, in Montreal. I believe that that is what the purpose of the coach is. When it was first made in 1717, it was probably made with the intention of dazzling commoners and people who did not have much money. To show just how extravagant and powerful the royal blood was. Personally, I think they accomplished their goal very well.

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