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Ngo 1Stephanie Ngo211764594SOSC 1340Kean BirchNovember 30, 2012Michael Moore'sCapitalism: A Love StoryIn the film Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore states "capitalism is a system of free enterprise, profit and demand, and the ultimate democracy" (Moore 2009). This system is based on production and distribution, where the working class is paid to produce goods and services that are sold for profit at a fixed cost. Capitalism plays a huge role in business corporations because everyone has one main objective, which is profit. Every corporation wants to result in prosperity, but due to the free market economy, industries would find inefficient ways to produce products, and would charge at a higher fixed cost in order to gain profit. Therefore, for every corporation that dominates, it also affects the society. Capitalism is a theory developed by Adam Smith who wrote The Wealth of Nations, and states "everyone has the freedom to produce exchange goods, thus opening the market to competition" (2009). We live in a very capitalist society, where in order for corporations to have a high paying income; it would be at the expense of others. In addition, capitalism is useful to examine how it impacts the lives of many people. In particular, I argue that the profit motive, inequality, and exploitations are useful concepts to analyze the film Capitalism: A Lover Story, as it is represented in the documentary. This shows how capitalism strongly affects our society.In today's society, the market economy for business corporations is highly competitive. One of the main causes for competition amongst various corporations is profit motive. Companies are competing with one another in order to supply the demands for customers. By doing so, companies are able earn a lot of profit depending on what the society needs. Being able to make profit is the one element that would benefit many shareholders. Although the profit motive benefits many corporations and shareholder, according to Investor Glossary, "profit motive allows no room for the interest of the customers, the employee, or society and the environment, unless those interests happen to align with what the profit motive dictates" (2012). This directly illustrates that corporations main objective is revenue and profits. They have little or no concern for social responsibilities; they are strictly concerned with their overall financial growth, thus relating directly back to capitalism, which is all about making profit.Similarly, in the film Capitalism: A Love Story, the profit motive is shown throughout the film, where Moore was able to highlight some of the negativity it causes. He was able to interview some of the kids that went to juvenile detention, which he relates to as "kids for cash" for going to juvenile detention for petty offences, such as throwing a piece of meat at someone during dinner. This was funded by the prison company in Pennsylvania that is a privately run corporation, where the judges are...

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