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The Correct Way For Toilet Paper

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Has there ever been such a great invention that it changed everyday lives of people? A man from New York by the name of Joseph C. Gayette established a life changing invention in 1857 known as toilet paper. Since then he has caused one of the most argued topics on whether toilet paper should be put on the holder so that the end is over the top or coming out under the bottom. Millions of people have been putting it on the wrong way and it needs to change immediately. Life will be much better once people start putting toilet paper on the holder the right way. The correct way to put toilet paper on the holder is for the end to be cascading over the top because it is prettier, easier to reach, and easier to tear.
When I first see the pattern on toilet paper, it is like seeing a beautiful painting by a famous artist. I do not understand why anyone would want to cover the beautiful patterns of flowers, swirls, or other designs. Toilet paper patterns are made to be seen and admired by ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, people could spend less time in a bathroom by having the end cascade over the top because they would not have to stretch as far to reach the end of the roll. When the paper just hangs down the back, it makes it so much harder to reach. A person has to stretch miles just to have to reach under the roll to get the end of the paper. Therefore, when the toilet paper comes over the top it makes it so much easier to reach because it is hanging down right in front and over the roll. It would help save days or even years for people everywhere if they did not have to waste so much time locating the end of the roll by having toilet paper on the correct way. When people can reach the toilet paper better, they can also tear the desired number of pieces they want better.
“The worst thing about toilet paper” said my mother, “is when it is hard to tear off the desired number of pieces because the roll was put on backwards.” When it is down the back it is harder to see the number of squares or pieces a person wants, therefore a person might pull down more of the roll than necessary. It would then cause the paper to either end up on the floor or hang down too far and make it look messy. However, if a person has the toilet paper on the right way then it makes his or her bathroom experience 100 percent better. Whether it is two or 20 pieces, it is easier to tear off the desired number of pieces when the end is off the top because a person can view the perforated squares on the paper better. Ever since toilet paper has been invented, millions of people have been putting it on the roll wrong causing it to be harder for them to tear off the desired number of pieces
When Joseph C. Gayette first invented toilet paper, he was trying to solve one a common problem, but he ended up causing one of the world’s most disputed topics. It is necessary and crucial that everyone know that the right way to put toilet paper on the holder is so that the end cascades over the top. If people continue put it on the wrong way, then arguments will continue and wars will start. However, if everyone starts doing putting it on the right way, then the world will be peaceful and wonderful again as it once was before 1857. The correct way to put toilet paper on is for the end to be cascading over the top because it is more attractive, easier to grasp, and easier to tear.

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