The Correlation Between Sleep Deprivation And Academic Performance

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In a study conducted by Gilbert and Weaver, the correlation between sleep deprivation, sleep quality and academic performance was examined (Gilbert and Weaver, 2010). The degree of knowledge regarding this particular subject has not been well studied because of the small sample sizes used. As a result, the study investigates the link between the sleep habits of college students and academic performance in larger samples.
The researchers hypothesized that the participants who had a higher level of sleep deprivation would have lower academic performance, measured in GPA, than those who practice adequate sleep habits. The survey acquired the “age, gender, GPA, and the number of courses ...view middle of the document...

“GSQ and GPA were conducted separately for males and females” and there was a “significant correlation between GSQ and GPA for females, but not for males” (Gilbert and Weaver, 2010). The use of a sample t-test revealed a significant difference in GPA score and an even greater difference was found for females above 2 standard deviations (Gilbert and Weaver, 2010). Multiple regression analysis was used to further understand the relationship between sleep and academic performance. It was noted from the study that GSQ scores, hours slept, gender, DWI (drops, withdrawals, and incompletes) statuses significantly predicted the outcomes and averages of the individuals’ GPA (Gilbert and Weaver, 2010).
In the study conducted by Lowry et al. and prepared by the Department of Psychology, the relationship between unhealthy sleep patterns and academic success was examined. It was performed to assess the levels of sleep deprivation and sleep quality in college students. The participants of the study were enrolled at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The purpose of the study was to see if any positive or negative correlation existed between healthy sleep patterns and an individual’s academic success in school, for which they used the person’s GPA. The sleep quality was assessed by utilizing the Groninger Sleep Quality Questionnaire, the individual student’s academic success and four different aspects of sleep quality. It was hypothesized that those students who rarely deprive themselves of sleep would have higher GPAs (Lowry et al., 2010). In addition, they hypothesized that those students that received a more favorable score in the Groninger Sleep Quality Questionnaire would have higher GPAs (Lowry et al., 2010). The researchers hope that this information may be used as motivation for students to practice healthier sleep habits if they were considering various ways of increasing their GPA. Also, students that are increasingly aware of the importance of proper sleep duration may utilize this pertinent information and begin incorporating healthier sleep behavior that may indirectly lead to an improvement of their current GPA.
Lowry et al used a convenience sample survey of 103 college students, 50 males and 53 females, ages 18-45 years old. They employed a questionnaire that included 19 questions relating to sleep quality and sleep deprivation; however, the first 15 were taken and scored from the Groninger Sleep Quality Questionnaire which uses choices of true or false to measure the student’s quality of sleep. Questions 16-19 of the survey were researcher-made and assessed the student’s level of partial sleep deprivation and quantity of sleep during the past week as well as in an average week (Lowry et al., 2010). This was achieved by incorporating open-ended numerical responses. One question was also included about how many “all-nighters” the student had experienced in the past year (Lowry et al., 2010). The second portion of the survey...

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