The Corruptive Power Of Lady Macbeth

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The Corruptive Power of Lady Macbeth

Women are underestimated in medieval and Elizabethan times. They are
shown in a few works just how powerful, cunning, and intelligent they
can be. In Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, it is said that what a
woman’s true deepest desire is to have complete control over her
husband. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Lady Macbeth has acquired this
power and control that all women desire so much. It is shown
throughout the tragedy Macbeth how Lady Macbeth uses her overpowering
influence on the foolish, but good at heart, Macbeth. In two specific
instances, Lady Macbeth guides Macbeth into doing a deed that he would
not have without her influence. Each of these is morally wrong and
even can be considered evil. She also feels the guilt of the crimes
committed, as shown in the end of the play when she is sleepwalking
and having dreams of what they had done to Duncan to seize the throne.

From her first lines of the play on, Lady Macbeth shows how she feels
about her husband. She says that he is, “Too full o’ th’ milk of human
kindness”( I, v, 16). She shows that he is too innocent and kind to
people. Although he could be great because of the position he was in,
he would not take advantage of his opportunity to siege glory and
become King. She then forces this on him. Macbeth returns home, and
the first person to propose the killing of Duncan is, of course, the
corruptive Lady Macbeth, who says, “O, never shall sun that morrow
see!”( I, v, 62-63). Before she spoke these words, Macbeth innocently
about the arrival of Duncan and his staying at their house for that

Later in the play, Macbeth feels that he should not go through with
his plan to kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth sways this out of him in
Act I scene vii. Macbeth begins by saying “We will proceed no further
in this business”(I, vii, 32). He “wants out” of this plan and is
afraid to go on....

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