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The Cosmos Essay

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In the words of Seneca, "The time will come when diligent research over long periods will bring to light
things that now lie hidden." Seneca is explaining that over time more will be discovered that used to be undetected. With the advancements in technology scientists have uncovered information never before seen. Even today's scientists do not have the technology and knowledge to embark on the journey of discovering what is in the universe. Just like Seneca, the Roman philosopher, said," Our universe is a sorry little affair unless it has in it something for every age to investigate..." and it seems to be true the universe has something to reveal to the different generations.

On April 24, 1990 a new invention was launched 353 miles above the Earth's surface, it was launched to give
scientist more information about the universe. This new device was the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). The Hubble contains a mirror that captures light and guides it to several science instruments located in the device. Due to shifting air pockets light is distorted from space and the Earth's atmosphere can block wavelengths of light partially or entirely, which makes telescopes on Earth untrustworthy compared to ones located in space. Since the Hubble was constructed to be visited by astronauts who would bring new machinery and technology, as well as to be improved upon so the Hubble will work to the best of its capabilities. The Hubble has found a lot of information from the universe being about 13 to 14 billion years old to showing scientists galaxies in the stages of evolution. It has also found possible birthing grounds for planets, the gamma rays busts when stars collapse, and black holes, which thanks to the Hubble are now proven facts.

Scientists have also discovered much more about galaxies than ever before. Astronomers have found that galaxies
come in...

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