The Price Of Gas It’s Rising

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The American economy has suffered many financial blows in the recent years, but none have such a drastic and heavy effect on the average American than the rising gas prices. A solution to the Gas Crisis, a new and formidable crisis involving the high cost for gasoline powered transportation, must have widespread results across American commuters to either increase the efficiency of drivers, drastically lower gas prices, or provide alternate modes of transportation, consequently allowing for American commuters to be able to efficiently transport themselves at a moderate price.
Gas prices are extremely high with respect to the overall timeline of gas prices, and expected to increase greatly. The average American drives 13,746 miles per year (“Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group”). At the time of this report, the average price per gallon (across America) is $3.707 (“AAA’s Daily Fuel Guage Report”). The average American passenger car MPG, or miles driven per gallon, in 2008 is 22.6 miles per gallon (“Table 4-23: Average Fuel Efficiency of U.S. Passenger Cars and Light Trucks“). Using simple mathematics, one can find that, if gas prices and average miles per gallon remain static, the average American would be spending $2,254.71 per year on gas. That’s almost 5% of the average American house hold income (“Average Annual Miles per Driver by Age Group”). These numbers are only valid if the gas prices remain static, however there is an unfortunately high chance that they will continue to increase in the future. Yes, the average MPG will also increase, however at a slower rate than the increase in price of gas per gallon. With the current conflict in Libya and in much of the Middle East, the limit to which gas prices can expand to is unpredictable; it can only be predicted that it will get expensive, exceedingly more so than in the past.
The Gas Crisis affects every American; Americans need to work on a united front to solve this problem. As a united front, consider this: if every American knew what functions of the gasoline-powered vehicle cost more gas, would they use those functions more efficiently? If every car had a pamphlet explaining how to get the maximum efficiency out of the vehicle, or if groups published articles on how to get better gas mileage by doing simple things like avoiding accelerating rapidly or turning off the A/C when unnecessary, could Americans really save on gas by driving more efficiently? It could be included during Drivers Education courses. If Americans understood correctly, or at least more correctly than they do now, how the car functions and how to maximize the efficiency, they can user their vehicles more efficiently, resulting in higher miles per gallon ratings and a smaller impact on the wallet.
But this fix is not a very good one. This assumes that the driving habits of the American people can be improved for more efficiency, and that the costs reduced by driving efficiently will...

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