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The Cost Of Love Essay

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   Do you think you would be happy when you have a person or thing that you could love? Do you want the person whom you love give back the same love to you? Love and loss are intimately associated. When you are love with someone or something, you may not be concerned that you may have lost another person or thing in the same time. As in the stories, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin and “The Beast in the Jungle” by Henry James, the two authors portrayed different kinds of love of two women, but after they found their love, they also suffered to face tremendous loss in their lives. These stories seemed to be written in a same period, but the two author’s attitudes of the love were totally different. Love was a personal attitude; loss was the value which the person thought that was worth to pay the love, and that might be influenced by cultures.
   One woman gained love from her husband’s death, and another woman devoted herself to wait for her love. In “The Story of an ...view middle of the document...

   Whereas these two women explained two different kinds of love, they both lost their lives for their love, but one died for joy, and the other died for sadness. While Louise still was immersing in her farther freedom, her husband appeared. Her new life and dream were broken, so she died for the unwilling surprise. When May was sick, John still concerned more about the unreal beast than about her. Even after she died, he never noticed her love. The cost of their love were death. However, Louise died after she gained a short time to dream about her new life and reached freedom. For May, when she was alive, her selfless kind of love took John’s secret and fate as her own, so she lost her normal life. After she died, except she loved him, she died for nothing. Her life was meaningless. They both payed heavy price to the love, but received opposite effects. Nevertheless, they never regretted when they faced the cost.
   A similarity of these two women was that they both did not express their inner thought to their lovers. In their generation, they may could not evince their thought publicly like men, so the only thing they could do was waiting for her husband and John to discover what they wanted. May gained her freedom which she loved after she knew her husband’s death. On the other hand, May received her love after she had died for one year when John saw a man grieved. If they had opportunities to tell these man what they wanted, they might can reach their love earlier, and their cost might not have to be their death. The culture of their generation impacted their experiences of love and loss, and made them to pay the highest price when they found their love.
   In “The Story of an Hour” and “The Beast in the Jungle”, when Louise and May started to love, they also started to lose at the same time because of cultural limitations. In these two stories, the outcome of Louise might seem better than May’s because at least Louise died in joy. However, these two women just pursued different kinds of love, but payed same cost which they thought worthily for their love. Sometimes, when you love a person or thing, you need to disburse and sacrifice what you already have, so how much cost do you think you will pay for your loved one?

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