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The Counterfeit Heart Essay

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It was a normal night as any, clear shadowy skies that was lit up by a bouquet of bright white stars. Surprisingly, Samuel seen something even more beautiful then this perfect fall night, tonight was the night he began speaking to a half Native American and Latino beauty who went by the name Isabella. As time went on and the two began talking more she decided to inform Samuel that she was currently 5 months pregnant with her second child. Nonetheless, Samuel was very accepting of this fact and figured that after learning so much about her, that maybe it was time to travel and go meet her. Unfortunately, Samuel did not pay much attention to her location, till the day he decided to go visit and realized that Isabella was roughly 6 hours away from where he was currently staying. Well, thought Samuel, I've been needing to get out of this county for some time and see something new. Therefore, as careless as Samuel was he decided to take a quick glance at Google Maps and jumped in his 2007 Pontiac G6 and began his journey. Fortunately, for Samuel he left earlier in the morning while the fall sun was still peering over the beautiful green pine trees that seem to be quite common when traveling through Michigan. Nonetheless, he finally made it to Isabela's home early that afternoon. Throughout the day Samuel began learning about Isabela's family and friends as they seem to all pile within the house as they looked at him in awe and confusion. Slowly, as the day progressed on wards and the sun began to set, it was time for him to begin his trip back home. Time continued to go by as the six hour trips became more frequent and her parents began allowing Samuel to stay over and rest in a spare bedroom. Yet, one night became quite a shocker to Samuel as he encountered an event that would seem to be with him for the next two years. It was a calm December evening, as Samuel stood outside in the cold and shivering atmosphere, he began to learn of Isabela's haunting past.
“Samuel, why are you so good to me,” Isabella asked as she shared a cigarette with Samuel.
“Why, do you ask that? I have only been trying to show you that I care.”
“I know, but no one has treated me the way you have. In fact, they all seem to just look at the outside of me and care only for that.” She responded
“Well Isabella, I am different I fall in love with the individual that is on the inside and look at the outside as only a bonus.” Isabella, slowly leaned in to kiss Samuel and then shaking as the winter cold started to get to her, she said.
“Can I tell you something about me, that I haven't told to many people?”
“You realize that my mom and dad are really not my biological parents?”
“Okay?” Samuel questioned as he looked at her puzzled.
“Please, don't laugh,” Isabella said hesitantly. “But, my...

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