The Country House: Loving Things That Aren't Perfect

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I arrive at the Maine house; I see the small, creaky porch and the chipping ivory paint on the outside of the house. Since it takes four hours to get to Bethel, I am excited to get out of the car and stretch my sore muscles. But, when I get out, I am greeted by the freezing air. I run inside the house to get warm again, soon to realize that it is just as chilly inside as it is out. My dad runs downstairs and tries to turn on the heat, but it is not working. After about five minutes of standing in the kitchen, I can still see my breath. My dad is consulting whether to call an electrician or not, but he decides to try to turn it on once more—and it works! The house slowly heats up, warming our chilled bodies. Even through all of this, my Maine house is still the ideal place for me to go and learn life lessons by staying in an old place, skiing, and spending time with my family.
The first lesson that I have learned at my Maine house is to love things that aren’t perfect. When you step inside the house, there is a kitchen with old appliances and worn out counters. The countertops are old and etched with stains and cracks from years of loving use, cooking and eating in there is a hobby for me and most of my family. On the stovetop, there is the rusty red teakettle shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. It must be years and years old. It reminds me of my childhood and how I loved to look at it, though I had never used it. Only my mother used it to make tea for us; steaming hot tea that could warm you from the inside out. I love spending time in the kitchen; it is the coziest place in the house. In the center there is a table with all different types of chairs to sit in. It’s always hard for me to choose which one; some are comfortable, some have armrests, and some are higher up so you can act like you are the king of the kitchen. I like to sit right down in the comfortable ones; they relax my muscles after a day of hard skiing. The kitchen is the place in the house that holds the most of my old memories and is my favorite room. The Maine house is like a second home to me, and it allows me to appreciate old things.
Second of all, from skiing in Bethel, I learn patience, courage, and how to embrace a challenge. I ski with my dad and my older brother; we go on the harder slopes, although sometimes they can be too hard for me. I do not let that stop me, I must be patient and concentrate on each turn because, if I can make each turn, I know I can finish the trail. I have to hold myself back because I know that I cannot ski as fast as I can on the easy slopes on these tricky ones. I make sure that I go at a...

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