“The Country Is Better Than The City For Bringing Up Children,”

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Stereotypes exist everywhere in our world whether we wish it or not. They show biases that are personally or culturally held. Stereotypes are based on false assumptions. One stereotype, “The country is better than the city for bringing up children,” will be examined in this essay. Catch phrases, which stick in a person’s mind, are often employed. Such phrases as “Hometown USA” or “starting fresh” may be associated with this particular stereotype. There are three main levels of influence for stereotypes. The closest and most personal influence is immediate family and friends. The second influence would be a persons’ local environment, which includes cultural or societal norms from town, ...view middle of the document...

This type of influence runs from sports teams all the way to state wide politics. People make judgments based on little or no prior knowledge on a particular subject or person solely due to provincial beliefs. Attributes that belong to a community such as “college towns,” “mining towns,” or “farming communities” influence opinions and behaviors. This is also where commonly held beliefs or views can be combined with group mentalities to effect change by influencing people. One example of this way of thinking is “which way are you voting” in an election. This one thing can lead to groups of people being labeled right wing and left wing, liberal, conservative, hippies’, fascists, tree huggers, communists or religifruits. Labels provide personal identity by conveying affiliations and demonizing to create scapegoats. This unites a group by creating a common enemy. An example may be where a political party touts they are from a wholesome religious country upbringing to point out the opponent is corrupted by more liberal city views.
The widest, most varied, and possibly most influential group affecting stereotypes and the public in general is the media....

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