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The Country Of Slovakia Essay

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Slovakia is still a developing country. The country of Slovakia was formed in 1993. Since 1993 the country of Slovakia has made much advancement. Some of these advancements were for the better of the country. However, some were for the worse. This essay will describe the country of Slovakia.
The country of Slovakia was formed in 1993. They formed after the separation from the country formally known as Czechoslovakia. This formation was separated after a political confrontation about race and language. The Czechs believed that German should be the main language of all Czechoslovakian’s. While the Slovakian’s believed that Slovak should be the main language. This created a large controversy between the two countries.
This great controversy, along with years of tensions, caused the Czech’s and the Slovakian’s to split effective January 1, 1993. After the “great split” Slovakia took several big hits to its economy. Some of which almost “crippled” the entire Slovak economy. After many years the Slovak economy had a revival.
Some of the traditions that are established in Slovakia are very unusual compared to other parts of the world. On Easter in Slovakia there are several events that occur, that women wait for all year long. At the start of the morning women are woken up while being drenched in water. After this first drenching in water, women must then change into dry close and wait to be drenched again.
The women being soaked in the water was to clear the body of all evil. They believed that being soaked in water would cause all the evil to flee the body. After being soaked in water by a male of the village, women would have to offer a present for the men who soaked her. Many of the women present hand-painted Easter eggs. However it is also accustom to give money or alcohol.
Afternoon all men must stop soaking the women. It is said that if you are to soak the women after noon that all the evil in the village will enter that women. The only way that you cannot be drenched is if you are married, or an elder of the village. Otherwise you will be drenched by the single men of the village.
This is one of the most unusual of all the holidays is Slovakia. There are many other days that are...

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