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The Courageous Princess Essay

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The Courageous Princess Once apon a time during a modern day, there was a princess. She had two very loving friends. Although she was fourteen she acted eighteen. She had a very adoring mother and father. They protected her like a hawk, or so they thought. One day when the princess was at school talking to her friends, Saria and Amea, something just came over her like someone was watching her from a far distance. She didn't think anything of it. She went on with the day and forgot about it before school was over. She remembered that she had a speech to write. She started to write it. "Eminent eminent people, please hear my ...view middle of the document...

After that she was waiting for her limmo driver to come pick her up. Both Sari and Amea had gone home. She got another weird feeling again like someone was watching her. All off a sudden she turned around and "BOOM" she was hit with a bat. She fell unconscious a man dressed in black picked her up and drove away in a black car. Now one was around or saw anything.The next day her teacher was taking attendance, and he noticed the princess was not in class so he called her parents. They said she called and said she was staying at Amea's house. He said Amea was here but the princess was not. Mrs. Metzler started to panic, he calmed her down she said she was fine and had to get off the phone. The minute she hung up the phone it rang again. She picked it up; it was the princess, her loving daughter. She said she had been kidnapped but ran away. She said she was in a little town about an hour from where she lived. Her mother was unnerved. The princess could tell. She told her mom exactly where she was so her mom could come pick her up. A few hours later her mom found her and noticed her daughters shrouded clothes. There were rips and tears everywhere. The princess explained all what had happened and how she got away. Then she noticed her mom was wearing the pendulum that she has only warn once and that was at her father's funeral. She now knew how worried her mother had been since she was kidnapped. Her mom hugged her and whirled her around and around and said, "You're a courageous princess

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