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The Court Case Of Clinton V. The City Of New York

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There have been many, many court cases throughout the history of the United States. One important case that I believe to be important is the court case of Clinton v. New York. This case involves more than just President Bill Clinton, the City of New York; it involved Snake River Farmers’ as well. This case mostly resolves around the president’s power of the line item veto. In 1996 President Bill Clinton signed the Line Item Veto Act into law. This would allow the president to get rid of a part of a bill and not disapprove the entire bill. The first time that President Clinton used this power he used it to refine the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, he got rid of a part of the bill that waived ...view middle of the document...

” Without the measure being canceled the Snake River Farmers’ I believe were not able to use the money they thought they would be saving from not having to pay Capital Gains Tax to by such facilities. Knowing that President Clinton had Line item Vetoed against the measure to do so they would not be able to complete what they had set in motion. This in mind this is where they thought the president shouldn’t have the power to get rid of any one certain item in a bill. They believed that the president with this power could pick and choose the measures in the bill that he thought were best to approve or disapprove of. Though what I believe they didn’t know is that the Line Item Veto Act enables the president to cancel any dollar amount, authority of any discretionary budget anything that has to do with direct spending and any limited tax benefits that might apply.
In the case of Clinton v. City of New York the majority and dissenting sides brought up arguments against both sides of the argument. The majority side being Snake River Farmers’ and the City of New York they believed that the line item veto to be unconstitutional. Justice Steven and Justice Anthony Kennedy agreed with this side in that liberty was being threatened and that it was unconstitutional. They believe that the president shouldn’t have that kind of power that he exhibited in this instance. On the opposing side the dissenting side the court had Justices Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Stephen Breyer stated that the Line Item Veto was constitutional. Scalia stated that the majority was relying on a meaningless technicality. He was quoted saying “there’s is not a a dimes worth of difference between Congress’s authorizing the President to cancel a spending item, and Congress’s authorizing money spent on a particular item at the President’s discretion.” Another argument that was brought up that I...

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