The Cover Up, Is A Short Story About A Computer Hacker That Gets Assasinated By An Agent From The Government.

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"Error 404, File not Found..."Simon Gray swore. After eight hours of unsuccessfully hacking into government websites, he leaned back in his squeaky chair and sighed. I'll never find the truth! Staring at the bright and radiant screen, he wondered how long before the government revealed it's various secrets and cover-ups. As an avid conspiracy theorist, Simon believed that the government hid everything from the public; maintaining it's secrecy using disinformation and lies. He spent most of his time trying to get more information about these secrets; aliens, UFOs, terrorism, just about anything.The luminous digital clock on his desk displayed the time, 2:34 AM. The glow of the computer screen burned his eyes. He took off his thick glasses and placed them on the desk, he was tired. Just as he was about to shut down the computer, the screen went black. What the heck? The tired and irritated hacker slapped the side of the monitor. Nothing happened. Disgusted and exhausted, Simon stood up from his chair and made his way to his bed. It was pitch black in his tiny apartment. Unaware that there was a massive filing cabinet in front of him, he walked right into it. A loud slam echoed throughout the room as papers rustled and fell. The blow to his head instantly knocked him out.BEEP!Simon's head was throbbing. A sharp pain sliced through his forehead as he moved it. He opened his eyes and looked around the room. Something didn't seem right.BEEP!It was the sound of his computer. Slowly, the groggy hacker stood up from the floor. He noticed that a drawer of his desk was slightly open. He put his hand on the handle and tried to push it in, it wouldn't move. Frustrated, he slammed it in as hard as he could. Still, it wouldn't budge. The contents of the drawer seemed to be rearranged. CDs, floppy disks, pens, and a watch, was there a watch there before? I'm just seeing things again, he thought. Simon sat down in his chair, his computer screen seemed to be covered with text. He put on his glasses, what he saw next astonished him.Random characters and symbols filled up the screen, and...

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