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The Coyote: Taking Illegal Immigrants Across The Border

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The Coyote: Taking Illegal Immigrants Across the Border

I would like the critics of immigration to think of the coyotes while you read this paper. The coyote has the easiest job pertaining to illegal immigration. They are paid well and once they have done there job, they can go on there way with a fat wallet and no worries. The immigrants who pay these people their loot of cash that they most likely saved for who knows how long, are now the new victims of these coyotes. These illegal immigrants now must find shelter and jobs to start their new lives in the United States. I would like to show both stories of these two types of people on different paths. The coyote that transports the immigrants across the border and the immigrant who now has to start a new life from scratch.

I chose this topic because I found it most interesting to me and the fact that I have known both illegal immigrants and coyotes. This topic relates to migration and culture because it is one of the biggest businesses along the bordering states of the United States.

This is one of the biggest population increases into our country. Along with these new immigrants will be their culture, just because their new home is in United States does not mean they will live like Americans. Their culture will flourish through their homes, clothes and food. Immigrants will flow to the neighborhoods and areas of the city that host most of their people. Hispanics will likely find pro-Latino neighborhoods just like Asians will migrate to china towns or similar Asian neighborhoods. This is where their culture will be ultimately displayed. For Latino’s west and south Phoenix in Arizona have become havens for these new immigrants. The majority of the areas have Spanish speaking people working at the stores and a Hispanic orientated environment. If you don’t believe me trying visiting south or west Phoenix and see the stores or just the front yards of the homes in these areas. There is a big Hispanic culture expressed at the stores and neighborhoods.

Above all I would like to accomplish those of you who read this paper to be more educated on immigration and the players, and to try and understand the thinking and risk taking ideas of these new immigrants in and out of our country.

I grew up in West Phoenix 20 years ago, and I actually moved out of there 7 years ago. Although I moved I did not take to my new residence well. I still belonged to the west side of Phoenix which is highly Hispanic natured. I would find myself traveling longer distances and time consuming trips to take care of my daily practices. So my life still revolved around this area, although I left years ago it has remained a part of my life.

While I remained in these areas I was dating a girl for 5 years who was from Mexico City. She and her family came across legally but with out citizenship and residence. Back in the early eighties her father was one of the...

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