The Crab Nebula’s Importance To Modern Astronomy

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When we look up into the night sky, we see points of light that have guided humans on journeys throughout history. We hold the treasures of man’s recording of the celestial bodies illustrated in cave paintings and pottery fragments. The stars have lit the night keeping us safe from the darkness and instilled a sense of wonder for any that just take the time to look up and wonder. We are fortunate that in our recent recorded history a very important event took place and was recorded in detail. It has become one of the most important celestial objects that man has studied and will continue to study to obtain an understanding of the universe we live in, The Crab Nebula.
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It contains a rapidly rotating neutron star or pulsar at its center.
As the crab nebula is usefully to astronomy in several ways. The crab nebula emits strong radiation in the form of gamma rays and x-rays that wash over the earth it becomes a useful tool to measure other heavenly bodies. In the twentieth century ……………
The Crab Nebula is very young on a scale of the universe around us. It is approximately a thousand years old and close enough for us to observe on a constant basis. Because of this we are able to explore and learn how our universe works. One of the surprise findings for the crab Nebula is the detection of noble gases. Scientist reserved the right that noble gas was only present on Earth. Noble gases are usually hermit atom: with a full complement of electrons, they’re happy existing in solitude and unbonded with other elements (Carlisle, Surprise Molecule) Mike Barlow from the University College London, and his colleges discovered that the Crab nebula is the home of the first molecule of noble gas detected in space.
Professor Mike Barlow from UCL department of physics and Astronomy and his team used ESA’s Herschel Space Observatory to observe the crab Nebula in far infrared light. (Barlow) What they found was amazing! When they measured the cold gas and dust the argon hydride ions were located. This was an unexpected find, as prior to this finding it was unknown that the noble gas argon would form molecules. What else was surprising was the ease with which it was found. This finding furthers the understanding on how argon forms in nature.
One of the remaining mysteries of the crab Nebulas Pulsar is why it is slowing as rapidly as it is. According to Emspak, the pulsar is slowing at a rate of 38 nanoseconds per day. He believes the magnetic fields may be the answer, but is still unsure. The theory is that when the inclination angle gets larger the increasing angle between the axes would cause the braking index to be two-and-a-half other than the normal three. This opens up the study for magnetic fields that surround the pulsar. We know that...

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