The Creataceous Event Essay

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An alien world total different from ours rich in life full of diversity said do be more than 50% much richer in species as well as population than the current earth its self. Filled with vast forrest that stretched from conner to conner covering most part of land. A place where Dinosauriformes lizard creatures roamed the earth for over a 100 million years. A raign that began in later years of the Triasic passing through the Jurasic period and finally ending in the Cretaceous period they were the longest savours recorded in earh history. Visious monsters much like the tyrannosaurus Rex 10-12 meters long walked and ruled the lands. Whilst their ferocious counterparts the meat eating Pterandon terrorized the skies huge reptile of about 7,8 meter in wing span, and finaly seas where dominated by the Mosasaurus armed with its great size and speed faster than a modern day dolphine was a killing machine by clear size and nature . After the Permian nothing seemed to go wrong the world was thriving no sign of destruction nothing could have pridicted what to come but fate stated other wise and planned its own destiny. What to come was a quick & rapid end of the Mesasoic era. Gone as if by over night the event that came oblitarated and buried all evidence and life continuied as if nothing had happened. Scientist have called the is mass murder/apocalypse the KT (Cretaceous and Tetiary) event. The KT boundary A sharp Gray clay thin layer on of the earths crust. The boundary which we are getting all our information from is a geological signiture that marked and singed of the Mesesoic. It decords and gives us an insight on with almost pin point accuracy on what happened historical during the fatefull days of the event.

During the event. A midearoit about the same size as mount everest; estimated to be 10km diameater ,of mass rouhgly a trilion tones. Meaning at sea level this object was the size of washington DC and as high as the crusing speed of a jet liner. It was moving at a speed of about 22km/s thats almost 20 times the speed of a bullet with it’s destination set and locked on the yucatan peninsula. Where it planched the earth. The result absolute horor and a crator 180km in diameter 10km in deapth and covering a stagering area of 25,450 sp km left (the crators is were we are able to dirive all the measuments from) . The Dinasours wherent awere on what servival was close to impossible. Upon impact the kinetic enegy realised was of magnitude of 300 million nuclear bombs detornated at once .The impact this trigued the next set of events unknow in the history of the earth.

image from Google of where the asteroid hit

Impact would restlt the inter chicxulub area is instanly vaporised melting over 20 000 quibic
miles of the earth crust and mental and almost everything on top of it over 250 miles in diameter. The area close to the impact seise to exist in a blink of...