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The Creation Of A Revolutionary Essay

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Edward Dunes’ life as a revolutionary during Russia’s transition from a Tsarist state to that of a Marxist-Socialist regime, was propagated by many situational influences/factors stemming from his families relocation from Riga to Moscow. As a young boy in Riga, Dunes’ thirst for books along with a good educational elevated his potential to be a highly skilled worker. Dune’s childhood education coupled with factory life in Moscow along with a subsequent influential individual in his life with his father’s heavy labor socialist views, molded Dune into the Bolshevik revolutionary he became.
Apart from his character as a child, Dune developed crucial competency outside of his formal education in Riga that prompted great potential for his future. As a young boy and all throughout Dune’s early teen years, his love of books was insatiable. While the books that Dune read weren’t political in nature, they provided a foundation for Dune’s interest in all things intellectual. There was one instance, however when Dune was reading at a park near his house when an older gentlemen offered him the book Diary of a Socialist to read. This book would raise new questions that Dune wanted answers to. That moment would represent a shift to reading books of a political and social nature. Individuals able to read and who were better education on the political/social issues often played bigger roles during the Russian Revolution in organizing movements and educating the masses.
Aside from his love of books as a child, Dune would listen to stories about factory life and hear the leaflets printed by the Latvian Social Democratic Organization that his father would read aloud at night. Hearing these stories, as a child and seeing the very area around him change rapidly, certainly contributed to the basic values and concepts that Dune believed in. Aside from the political talk that Dune heard from his parents, the factory life provided another avenue to which Dune would educate himself. Promoted quickly through the ranks due to his ability to read technical design scripts for parts, Dune received very favorable compensation. This extra compensation allowed Dune to purchase books at a second-hand bookshop to which he would bring home and read. This very instance would lead Dune to run a fellow factory worker (Ribel) who would convince Dune to go to technical school in Moscow at night. While the goals that Dune preliminarily invested himself in did not evolve, with the increase commuting time and work at the factory, getting an apartment in Moscow would ultimately lead to Dunes greater involvement with the revolution.
Factory life for Dune as a young man would play a large role in his social development as a young...

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