The Creation Of Human Imagination Essay

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Annie TrieuMr. Greg DawsonEnglish I - Block CMay 12, 2014The Damages in PrideAccording to Merriam-Webster, pride means the feeling of self-respect, the worthiness of commendation by the other people and the satisfaction gained from one's achievement. Pride seems to have a fairly good attribute; however, it can mislead people to become arrogant or hubristic. A person with an excessive amount of pride only cares about what they think will make them the best; it could overpower their logic and overemphasize emotions.For most people, pride can sometimes hold them back from receiving help or listening to the others In Mythology by Edith Hamilton, Hercules is the strongest and possesses the finest qualities all ...view middle of the document...

Feeling threatened, his wife rubs some of the Centaur's poisonous blood on to Hercules's robe, which causes him to die in agony and pride has left him.Even though pride is the quality of being proud of one's self, someone with an excessive pride might think they are the center of the universe and often focus on superficial objects. This can be portrayed through a person's verbal communications, actions and behaviour. In The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant, Madame Mathilde shows desire for insignificant things. She thinks that she deserves a high class life just because she has a pretty appearance. Unfortunately, the obsession for an upper class life backfired, which she lost the necklace that practically worthless. It is also because of pride that kept her from truthfully confessing to her friend. Madame Mathilde can't accept the ugly truth because it is the only way to maintain her reputations and get everybody's attention. She ended in poverty due to the motivation of extreme pride within herself that causes her to daydream such an abstract life that's probably out of reach. A tremendous amount of pride can be harmful to both the individual and others around him/her. Pride can possibly be controlled but people are still tempting to think that they are better to protect themselves from being degraded. This serves as a purpose for them to exist. However, humiliating others to make one feel greater by comparison is a flawed logic. Those humiliations will never make an individual feel better; instead they will not deserve to be respected by the others since they don't even have any respect to both themselves and the community.

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