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The Creation Of Israel Essay

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The Creation of the State of Israel

I’m interested in exploring the concept that the increasing level of Jewish immigration into Palestine in the early to mid-20th century is one of the main reasons which lead to the creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The cause of the rise of Jewish immigration can fall under three forces. One force that aided in the rise of immigration and helped saw the population of Jews in Palestine to rise to 4% was Zionism. The second force is the British imperialism which following the Balfour Declaration allowed the Jewish population to rise to 11% during the war and to 17% in 1932. The third Force was the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis in the 1930’s and the Holocaust that followed which saw a rise in Jewish population in Palestine to become over 36% percent by 1948.

A key force which aided Jewish immigration leading to the creation of Israel was Zionism. Zionism is essentially Jewish Nationalism it is the belief that the Jewish are a people or nation, that they have a right to a homeland or state and that the location of that state by history or heritage is modern Israel. Some Zionists even see it as a divine right given by God to Moses and his descendants the Jews. Zionism caused the first Jewish immigration which increased the Jewish population in Palestine to 4%. The founder of Zionism is a man named Theodore Herzel in response to the rise in anti-Semitism and the recent Dreyfus case in France. One way in which Zionism influenced Jewish immigration was the world Zionist organizations creation of the Jewish national fund. This allowed Jews to purchase land in Palestine making way for immigration and settlement in the area. The Zionists then sponsored immigration and bought large amounts of land. The most well-known family to do this is the Rothschilds who were a rich Jewish Banking family from America. Zionism created the pull factor; it gave Jews a goal, an identity, a way which united them for a common purpose and an organization to pursue it.

British imperialism was the key force in launching large scale migration to Palestine after World War one. The British during World War one had many strategic interests in the Middle East. The first reason was the oil which was needed to fuel the navy and the country in general. Secondly was the Suez Canal which was the link between Britain and India as well as other colonies in the east. The British in 1917 were losing the war and having difficulty with the Ottomans and as a result attempted to gather allies through a series of treaties and agreements. Firstly there was the Mc Mahon Correspondence which said that in return for Arab support against the Ottomans the British would owe them a united Arab nation in the Middle East. In the meantime the British made a deal with the French known as the Sykes-Picot agreement where they secretly divided the Middle East amongst themselves with the British getting Iraq and Palestine and the French getting Syria. The most...

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