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The Creation Of Stonehenge Essay

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The Construction of Stonehenge
When the first circle of Stonehenge began construction in 4000 B.C., the wheel was being discovered in Mesopotamia, cattle was just beginning to become domesticated, and stone tools were still being used (Gabriel). People were learning to form hierarchal societies, still a far cry from what has come of those early communities today. Stonehenge, which has seen many different forms in that circular patch of earth in the hills of England, has seen humanity rise and fall, through our most monumental achievements and the most harrowing defeats. The history of this area is enigmatic, the secrets quietly buried under the grass that hides the scars of 10 millennia worth of precious human history. Stonehenge remains a great attraction for all sorts of people because of the mystery of how and why this ancient monument has come to be.
The question is, how did this structure arrive at what it is right now? The Stonehenge we see today is thought to be vastly different than the one from the monument’s apex. What Stonehenge exists as today is a circle of simple gray stones, arranged chaotically, surrounded by a vast plain (Castleden 5). This seemingly illogical mess of stone blocks is just a ruin of its former glory, the last testament of millennia of ancient societies and their will to create a great monument indicative of their power and achievements. This structure is the puzzling remains of a beautiful and exotic stone edifice, built painfully block by giant block with stones from far, far away. As the erection of Stonehenge falls way before modern technology, like trains and cars, was even thought of, the feats of these ancient peoples never cease to amaze and tease the minds of scientists and tourists alike. The evolution of how Stonehenge came to be the wrecked dregs of its past is where the real wonder begins. Stonehenge’s evolution stretches into five different time periods, which punctuate the different designs and uses people were believed to have for this mysterious parcel of land (Goerke-Shrode).
Stonehenge 0
Stonehenge first got its start as ‘Stonehenge 0’, centuries before the Stonehenge we know now was a twinkle in a prehistoric eye. ‘Stonehenge 0’ was the earliest foundation of this monument, presented as totem poles made from timber arranged north-west of the stone monument approximately 10 meters from each other in a straight line (Castleden 29). These holes were found in the middle of a parking lot that was being built for visitors who wished to come see the ruins of Stonehenge, and were excavated and filled in with concrete so the parking lot could be finished. These sockets represented the forefather of the formation of rocks that were built after their time, the wood having been carbon-dated back to 8000 B.C., which stretches into the end of the last Ice Age (Castleden 29). These forgotten posts have been left out of the story of Stonehenge that we know, but seem to have sparked the creation of the...

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