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The Creation Of Sunflowers Essay

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In a land far away lived two groups of people. One group worshipped the Sun as there god, named Helios. While the other group worshipped Terra, the earth god. The two groups lived in the same town, and they would constantly argue about who's right. Most of the Sun worshippers were rather wealthy, while those who worshiped Terra were poor. In the town there lived a young girl named Elaine Rae. She and her family all worshipped Helios. Elaine was destine to marry a young man named Jay, he was a rich young boy that was next in line to rule the kingdom. But she liked a boy named Kai, of the those who honored the Earth as their god.
One day a riot struck in the center of town. This was the biggest one yet. Five civilians had been killed. The cities council had to do something to stop this. But, since he honored the Sun he didn't want to go through all the trouble of creating another riot, so he set it off for a while.
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So she goes to gathering, the next day. Elaine would sometimes believe that there was not only one god but
two. And when she went to the meeting and heard Kai deliver his message about his ideas, she fell

instantly in love with him. She also loved and believed in everything Kai had to say. Kai had also seen Elaine there, and afterwards went to talk to her… they instantly became friends.
One night while Elaine and Kai were camping out underneath the stars, they saw two figures approach them. One was a very bright man, so bright it was blinding. The other was a man filled with mud and covered with vines and leaves. When they reach them they introduced themselves as Helios, the Sun god and Terra, the Earth God. They had taken on their human form to come and speak to Kai and Elaine. Both gods told that they were sick of people all over the world fighting amongst each other, about which god is real and which isn’t, but they didn’t know what to do. But when they heard about Kai preaching his word, of believing in both gods, they had an idea. The Earth God made a seed; And the Sun God touched it to make it bright and yellow and to make it follow the sun where the sun was located. He gave it to Elaine to plant in the center of town, and told Kai to talk his word to the people of the town, and to use what will grow out of the seed as proof.
The next morning Elaine went out to plant the seed. Later that day Kai went to the center of town and saw a 7 foot flower, with bright yellow petals facing the sun. Everyone was gathered around the flower. Kai went to the flower and said to the people, “This a gift from the godS! A Sunflower. It grew out a seed that was made by the Terra, and touched by Helios to make it face him at all times during the day, and to give its bright yellow color. It was gift from both gods, a gift to stop all the fighting, to prove that they are both real, to show that if we all work together we can make new things happen.” Almost everyone started to worship Terra and Helios as gods, in which Kai and Elaine came up with name Teralios, the god of Earth and Sun, the creator of the Sunflowers. Elaine and Kai got married and moved made a sunflower garden; and they lived happily ever after!
The End

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