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The Creation Process Of Video Games

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Miles Butler
March 28th, 2014
Ms. Deal
The Creation Process of Video Games
At this time, video games have made their way into the homes and hearts of many people since their meager beginnings as television novelties and arcade hits. But what goes into the process of creating a video game? Games, especially board games, don’t just happen. Their digital counterparts are not part of the exception either. There are painstaking processes and stages involved in creating and developing a game so that it is ready to be marketed to the public and so it also appeals to a certain fanbase or so it appeals to the masses. There is also the level of immersion and engagement that has to take priority within a game so that the player feels invested enough within the game to continue playing it after a certain period of time. The stages that take place within the creation cycle of a game can vary, but they usually follow three main phases. These phases are the Pre-production, production, then testing phases.
The first stage that is introduced in the cycle of video game production is the pre-production stage. This stage is basically putting all the skeletal and frame work down so that in later stages, everything runs as smoothly as possible without having to go back an infinitesimal amount of times to change an unplanned part of the game. As with any large stage in a creation cycle, there are sub-stages within that larger stage to go by. The first is the brainstorming/planning stage. This stage is when the creator asks the questions of “what am I going to make a game about?” and “what kind of team am I going to need for this game?” This stage helps flesh out any ideas that may be moving around in the creator’s head. According to the PBS “Video Game Revolution” interactive guide. “Every game begins with a story. Often story ideas come from game designers themselves or are pitched by outsiders, but increasingly they are based on other forms of entertainment like popular movies. Other common sources are sequels or spin offs of existing games and simulations of real-world events.” The game should also be something that the creator of said game can be invested in. It should be as original as possible as well. Take for example, Mirror’s Edge. It is a very interesting game, setting itself apart from other ‘first person’ games due to its use of a varied range of movement and the emulation of the quick-paced running style of Parkour. Due to its different gameplay than what was available, it became quite the hit among gamers. “Your idea should be as original as possible to set it apart from other games in the genre. The game design world is a competitive environment, where new games always try to outdo the old. Game graphics have become more sophisticated, but this factor isn’t always enough to attract customers. You have to come up with a way to make the game fun and playable, regardless of its graphics. Try to come up with something that hasn’t been done before in...

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