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The Creative Endeavors Of The Ipad

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As technology prospers, so does the number of ways we utilize it in our daily lives. For instance, today’s people implement the usage of electronics into their homes, restaurants, and stores. Meanwhile, the application of it in schools precipitates into a rainstorm of controversy. For this reason, technology is drastically changing our lives in an abundance of ways. With this in mind, while plenty of people are well-inclined to accept these transmutations to the way of life, others are convinced that it will only worsen the lives of humanity in the long run. In other words, they firmly believe that the disadvantages will vigorously outweigh the obvious opportunities at a generation with ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the value of creativity varies from person to person. In the hope that the school system can aid each student in bringing out their own unique creativity, iPads are classified as a valuable tool. To demonstrate, iPads have “spurred creativity… because of the camera, video camera,and the apps that can be used for creative storytelling, video production, etc” (Foote). Furthermore, a large assortment of applications for the iPad are available at each student’s fingertips. Not to mention, “30 % of all apps are free, with an average price of $2.56. More than 50 % of paid apps are fixed at low prices, under $0.99 in all categories” (Kim). This assortment of applications can easily quench the thirst for any aspiring artist, musician, or someone who has no clue what journey they’re about to embark upon.
Furthermore, after sparking their creative sides, students can also drastically improve their old or newly discovered talents with the iPads. For instance, those interested in the musical department can find a plethora of applications on how to play instruments like the piano, guitar, violin, and even the banjo. Similarly, students interested in the visual arts department can imprison themselves in the Promise Land of magically innovative apps involving drawing, painting, and writing. Such a diverse variety of applications is sure to set in motion a diverse generation of adults capable of tackling anything that comes their way. Without delay, schools must take advantage of the plentiful benefits ripe for the taking. Specifically, an early crop to pick up on is that “using iPads often motivates students and even teachers, and this enthusiasm promotes many positive outcomes including a willingness to help others” (Morgan). Obviously, if such a reaction can be produced, then its nutrients of benevolence must be harvested swiftly in order to end the world of its hunger for proficiency.
Despite all the benefits of inviting this new technology into the lives of students, skeptics still scoff in disdain in substantial masses. As was noted earlier, these pessimists speculate that involving iPads in the education process will end dreadfully. Some people don't like change and believe that progressing farther into the use of technology will lead to the downfall of civilization, the end...

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