"The Creepy Creations Of Professor Shock" By R.L. Stine.

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June 9, 2003Book ReportBook- The Creepy Creations of Professor ShockAuthor- R.L. StineCopyright- 1997If you haven't heard the news, you must have been living on another planet. On the way home from school, three young elementary students found a sign in front of a very old house that said "Please Come In". When entering the house the found Professor Shock cleaning up his laboratory. Being helpful the children insist on helping out, that's when George stumbled onto the professor latest invention the Universal Remote. Joining me is George.1.Ashley- How did you first find the remote?George- As you said, me and my friends helped the professor clean up and we found a secret room so we went in there. Inside there was a lot of weird stuff, like robots and junk. Well we turned the robot on and it went crazy, it knocked over the remote and the professor can in. As he came in, I put it in my pocket to fix it later that night.2.Ashley- How did you fix the remote?George- Actually, it broke into two pieces, which I think made it much easier to put together. The two halves clicked into place, and there wasn't a crack where the break was. The remote looked as good as new.3.Ashley- When you ran into the man with the deep voice (later discovered as the professor's robot) what were you thinking, and where did you meet him?George- We thought that the remote might have a shortage in the circuit because when I aimed it at a toy model of an airplane, it went crazy and attacked Jason. Stacey got the idea to go to the mall across town to let her uncle fix it, that when in the parking lot we met "Deep Voice". We were very afraid of him because he kept asking us about the professor's remote. I remember we kept running from him and he chased us into an elevator that didn't work as well as it use to.4.Ashley- So in the elevator, what happened?George- When we ran into the elevator, we...

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