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The Criminal, A Choice Or A Curse?

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Some people could say criminals are made by their own choices, not by the environment or their hereditary. I disagree completely with this statement! If you look at most of the criminal population in custody they're more poor, low class, uneducated criminals then there are wealthy, middle or upper class, educated. With everything in life there are exceptions, but the majority come from poor, dysfunctional broken homes lives. Most criminals can't even say that they ever really had a real stable home that they were raised in because they never stayed in one spot for a substantial amount of their lives growing up. The typical lower class family is always struggling financially which has them constantly moving around, because they couldn't pay the rent, which resulted in eviction. A lot of the time drug and or alcohol abuse contributes to the financial problems. Drug and Alcohol abuse is passed down through genes. Genetics are hereditary traits and sometimes can be a curse depending on what the trait is. Besides the addictive gene there is something called behavioral addiction that goes hand in hand with any type of addiction. These types of behavior are very dysfunctional and include abuse and neglect. When a child is growing up and only sees these types of things happening around them, then this is how they perceive that they are supposed to behave. So, as you can see a person's environment has a very strong impact on what they do later on in life.When a child is growing up all there little minds learn by watching us the bigger people and all they want is to do the stuff we do. That is how children learn, by watching and then trying to do it themselves. If while a child is growing up they are only subjected to negative influences, struggling, and never having any stability then that isall they know, because that is all they have ever seen through their whole life. Don't ever forget, humans are creatures of habit! If a person was never subjected to stability, good honest morals, or responsible hard working behavioral habits...

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