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The Crimson Flame Essay

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Story Summary
The story The Crimson Flame by Franklin W. Dixon starts with Frank and Joe Hardy in a New York City subway station. They see a man in a western outfit being followed, and start to investigate out of curiosity. After following the two for a while, the second man jumps the man in the western outfit. The boys fight off the second man, and help the western man. He introduces himself as Alfred McVay, an Arizonan rancher. He explains that he had just purchased a giant ruby called the Crimson Flame at a jewel auction. This immediately arouses the suspicion of the Hardy brothers, and they alert a nearby policeman of what had happened and a description of the attacker. The policeman ...view middle of the document...

After this, they arrive at the ranch.
Mr. McVay, once he sees the brothers, tells them the strange things that are going on at the ranch. The most suspicious is a mysterious rider who watches the ranch. For a couple of days, Frank and Joe pose as cowhands. Then, they encounter the mysterious rider in the desert. Frank and Joe chase him, but the man manages to get away. Frank, manages, however, to get the man’s hat that later provides a clue. A couple of weeks later, a tornado hits next to the ranch, and the Crimson Flame is stolen!
After the theft of the ruby, Frank and Joe get a report from someone overhearing the foreman say, “G.C.T. Morrow”. The brothers think that this really means, “Grand Canyon tomorrow.” Since this was the day before, the duo goes to the Grand Canyon only to see Oscar Tamm in the visitor’s center. They follow him and see him join Perkins and another man in an isolated area. Frank and Joe hide behind some trees and listen. Wat Perkins says to Tamm, “The ruby is your responsibility” Tamm replies “No problem, as long as the Hardys don’t butt in.” Perkins then says that Tamm is going to Bangkok, Thailand. Next, the men start leaving, and the Hardy brothers go back to the McVay ranch. The brothers and McVay discuss Frank and Joe’s trip to Thailand. He says that while there, the boys will also buy another giant ruby for his collection while searching for the Crimson Flame. He explains that they will meet his agent, Bo Dai, at the Thieves Market in Bangkok. The next evening, the boys leave for Thailand.
When the boys get to Thailand, they go to the Thieves Market to find Bo Dai. While there, the two are followed by a man with a dagger, and they...

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