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The Crips Street Gang Essay

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The Crips Street Gang

How has the Crips Street Gang evolved since the 1960’s? Gone are the days when battles were over community control, when loyalty meant self- determination, not self destruction. In the 1980’s crack cocaine became a major source of income for many African – American gang members in Los Angeles. Gangs were faced with intra-conflict old codes of conducts versus laissez-faire attitudes of the younger gang members. Gang violence increased as many capitalized on this new market the distribution of crack cocaine. Neighborhoods in gang infested Los Angeles areas were not immune to the violence of gangs.
The Rolling 60’s were one of the first cliques or sets to take root in the Los Angeles area of South Central. Adopting their name from the numbered streets between Slauson and Florence avenues. In those days the Rolling 60’s could be vicious in the defense of their neighborhood. Respect, trust, unity, devotion, and defense of their neighborhoods were codes of conduct that each gang member obeyed. In the 1970’s Crip’s held a favorable reputation and position in the community. Some argued that Crip was an acronym for Community Revolution in Progress.
In the 1980’s crack cocaine hit the streets of Los Angeles for some it brought quick fortune but for many doom. Crack cocaine had become a major source of income for those who had been locked out of mainstream America. Heavily armed the Rolling 60’s were one of the most violent, active gangs in Los Angeles. The Rolling 60’s gang members no longer fought over neighborhood rule but, profit endeavors. Gang members had became both a slave to the business, doing whatever the drugs demanded them to do. Crack cocaine had erased those codes of respect, trust, unity, devotion, and defense of their neighborhoods.
Crip had begun to betray Crip for the profits from the distribution of crack cocaine. The protection and camadarire once shared between gang members had disappeared. Crack had become an equal –opportunity alternative, the employer of last resort in many of Los Angeles poorest neighborhoods. Gang members capitalized this market and sold crack as many car salesmen sale cars. Competition was fierce and violence was...

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