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In my opinion, I think I can partly identify with David Wilkerson because of the way he treated people. I'm a girl of my words, what ever I say, I will do. David Wilkerson said he wanted to help Nicky, and that is what he did. I'm not a 100% peace maker, but I know when to be mature and bring peace and I know when to be loud and noisy. There is a time, in a place.

Also, the fact that David wanted to make someone's life better and make them realize that god/love/energy is the power of all humanity. I try to do that. I try my hardest, to make everyone feel special and love themselves.

I have many perspectives of the movie. Though, the feeling that often returns is fear. I loved the movie because it is was very inspirational, but I felt fear because this was what our world was a long time ago and it still is now. I felt that the movie was describing reality.

I said the movie was inspirational because if someone tries hard enough, they ...view middle of the document...

I've already met mine, and when she talks about life and what to do, its like God sent her to guide us throughout our lives. She knows exactly what to say and how to say it.

God want us to make a positive impact on a person or a group. We need to be good examples for one and other. To grow up and be happy with our lives, means to grow and learn new things and learn how to respect each other. Even when you are in the worst situation possible, with a little positive energy anything could happen.

To live like David Wilkerson will be a very tough challenge. I'm not as religious as you may think I am. One thing I know I can do best is never give up. I will have to sacrifice my free time and use it for religious time. I would also have to boost up courage. Not matter how hard I get hit, I have to continue and never give up.

I think it will be worth it because, David Wilkerson ended up helping Nicky. After all he had been through just to help a human he did not know of, he still succeeded. As long as you do as you are told, its always worth it. Something eventually is gonna happen, bad or good and it will teach you a lesson.
I will do think that every single thing David Wilkerson had done was worth it because without him, Nicky Cruz wouldn't be as he is now. Nicky wouldn't realize that people do love you and that God loves you and is always here for you. David Wilkerson saved someones life, a person who was going through a rough time. Nicky really did need David.

I do think it was all worth it to the gang members because they as well as Nicky, hadn't been thinking straight. Do you really they knew what they were doing wrong? Did you think they cared about their opponents feelings? I can surely say that without David, the gang wouldn't know anything about love. The gang wouldn't care about feelings, emotions and living. They just want to win it, beat everyone and stay on the top.

I do think for the bottom of my heart that David had a big impact in the story of the cross and the switchblade. You should always remember that no matter what you are going through, God is here for you, he's watching you at all times, and I'm sure he won't let you down. Not even for a second.

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