The Cross Of Straight Winged Fruit Flies With Nubbin Winged Flies

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- -The Cross of Straight Winged Fruit Flies with Nubbin Winged Fruit FliesThe Cross of Straight Winged Fruit Flies with Nubbin Winged Fruit FliesIn 1933, a man named Thomas Hunt Morgan won the Nobel Prize for conducting experiments on genetics by using the Drosophila melanogaster (also known as the fruit fly). This experiment gave him the understanding of sex linked inheritance. The reason why he used fruit flies was because they breed many times and to have a good experiment you should have many results to work with.Thomas Hunt Morgan was an American zoologist. He was a professor of experimental zoology at Columbia University. From his experiments he concluded that the individual units of heredity, (genes) are arranged in a line on the chromosomes. This theory, known as the chromosome theory of heredity. Morgan also wrote The Theory of the Gene in 1926.The fruit fly has very few stages in it's life cycle. They are egg, larva, pupa, and then it becomes an adult. The female lays the egg and after one day the egg hatches and a larva comes out. The larva will keep eating for seven days and then it becomes a pupa. It will remain this way for six days and then finally it is an adult. Then the females are virgins for 8 to 12 hours. Once they reproduce with a male the female can store his sperm for the rest of the her life.Genetics is an important aspect of many areas of pure and applied biology. Viral genetics, microbial genetics, plant genetics, animal genetics, and human genetics focus research on specific types of organisms. Research in molecular genetics involves studies on chemical structure and function; cytogenetics on location of the genetic material in cells and on cell division; developmental genetics on the genetic function in embryological phenomena; behavior genetics on the role of the gene in regulating behavior; and population genetics on the evolutionary process.At the applied level, genetics is of direct use in understanding genetic diseases and environmental mutation. It is used in plant and animal breeding to improve the quality and quantity of food. It also is a tool in basic research by which complex biological processes can be analyzed, often at the molecular levelThere are many aspects to apply to this experiment. This experiment was reproduced so that one can find out how genes can show up over other genes. Its almost like the gene conquers the other but lets it live. In other words the dominant gene shows up but the recessive gene is hiding it characteristics.During this experiment the flies will mate with each other and come out with offspring. After I take my offspring and breed with a partner and decide what type off gene I want to look for. In my experiment I hope and think that straight wings are dominant to nubbin wings.Procedure: Here is the order of operations that you must follow.Culture Tube1. Scoop a rounded teaspoon of medium into the bottom of your culture tube.2. Add a couple of teaspoons of water until it turns...

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