The Crossair Flight 3597 Crash Essay

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Airline Assignment 1

Crossair Flight 3597

Huang Pu Hsin (10)
19th May 2014
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This report is on the Crossair flight 3597 crash which happens at Zurich airport on 24th November 2001. Analysis of Crossair flight 3597 will be covered, which includes details such as facts of Crossair flight 3597 crash, and the three contributing factors involved in the air accident. The three contributing factors are mainly Crossair, pilot error and communications with air traffic ...view middle of the document...

In addition, both pilots are looking out for the runway, and did not make use of the instruments and guide the aircraft to Runway 28. Moreover, the hill that the plane hit was not shown on the navigational chart which may mislead the pilots in making wrong decisions.
Right before the crash, they decided to turn around, the commander put all his might in pulling up but it was too late as the engine does not have enough time to go to its full power and avoid the hills.
In addition, the commander was hired by Crossair despite his incapability. After the commander was fired as an instructor, he was still allowed to fly commercial aircrafts despite many incidents caused by him. Sufficient rest was not provided for the pilot thus his fatigue led to his wrong decision – making.  


According to the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation, the commander, who have flew for many years, continuously failed exams for flight certifications advancement due to the inadequate comprehension of the navigation systems. Furthermore, numerous incidents were caused by him, and several checks were missed by him. One of the incidents is the wrecking of a one and a half billion aircraft. The landing gears were retracted even though the aircraft was on the ground. Regardless of his lack of capability, Crossair still hired him and allowed him to fly a commercial plane even though he was incompetent. In addition, the first officer was also hired right after his graduation from flight school. During that time, Crossair are in need of pilots due to the rapid expansion of the airline. Thus, some pilot tests and basic skills are neglected.
Moreover, due to Crossair’s poor crew rostering. Crew rostering is an important contribution to airline safety as sufficient rest of flight crew is required. However, as reported, the commander had been awake for 15 hours, clearly exceeding the permitted maximum duty times. Fatigue increased due to the weather which greatly strained his mind.
In my opinion, sufficient rest is needed for crews to be performing at their full potential, without it, they will not be able to focus and maintain a certain standard of situational awareness. Bad situational awareness may lead to pilots making the wrong judgments, and greatly threaten the safety of aircraft.
This is the most important contributing factor. If Crossair did not hire incompetent pilots, those incidents, including this, may not have happened. A competent pilot may handle the aircraft and situation well despite the weather and may have realized the minor instrument errors during pre – flight checks. Thus, many innocent lives would not been lost if Crossair strictly assess every pilot who came to apply.  
Secondly, pilot error is considered human error, contributed a huge part to the accident too. As stated, the commander failed several exams and was incompetent even though he was experienced. According to the approach...

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