The Crow: Did They Really Start Out Horrible?

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There once was a princess named Olympia. She was flawless. Perfectly tanned skin with golden strands of hair flowing behind her in the distance. Piercing blue eyes that could hunt you from a mile away. Her beauty certainly distracted any wandering eyes around her. Her attractiveness wasn’t the only characteristic she had that made her magnificent, in fact, it was her voice that caught most people’s attention, her beauty just reeled them in to do her bidding.
Olympia had a brother. His name was Hector. Hector was handsome, but not nearly as fair as Olympia, you couldn’t compare ANYONE to Olympia.
“Son,” King Thorn, Olympia and Hector’s father said, “You must find a queen because my time ...view middle of the document...

Olympia grinned an eerie grin and took out her knife. The sound of it unsheathing echoed through the tiny house, causing Hestia to move in her sleep. Olympia moved her knife above Hestia’s head and… SHING! It sliced clean through her neck. She said one prayer for her and then left, sure not to leave any evidence behind.
The sun climbed out of its bed and stretched its rays out. The golden light relaxed on Olympia’s face. But something was wrong. Olympia heard nothing but silence throughout the whole palace! She glided through the hallways and then halted at her brother’s door. A perturbed thought spun in her mind.
“Brother? Are you well? You look feverish, is there anything I can do?” Olympia questioned.
“Olympia… I can’t go on!” He replied.
“With what brother Hector?” Olympia responded with a grin.
“WITH LIFE!!!! I JUST CANT’T! I went to Hestia’s cottage early today only to find her caked and pooled with blood! She was my only true love, without her I am nothing! NOTHING I TELL YOU!” Hector sobbed, his hands trembled and one of his hands lingered on the handle of his sword and then he clenched his muscular fingers around it. Hector tugged it out of the loophole and held it in his hand, fingers trembling.
“Is this what I have come to Olympia? Death by my own hand?” A single tear escaped the boundaries of his eye, and then he grimaced.
“I love you Olympia, don’t ever forget that but I must do this, for me. Before I die, will you grant me a final request?” He questioned.
“Brother you don’t have to do this! Please, let me help you! You can find another wife better and-
“Olympia, I can’t I’m one half of a whole without her, I must do this or I will suffer. Please just grant me my last request. Sing for me that poem of yours.”
A tear glistened down Olympia’s cheek, she never meant for this to happen, she just wanted power, but she began.
“Above the towering mountains stood a castle,
With kings and queens and knights.
The knights OVERTOOK and the castle oh it shook,

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